Our Core Activity small step to help others

Foodbank Medan, Redistribusi makanan

Food Redistribution

Distributing surplus food
Producing and distributing food

Food Distribution

Producing and distributing food
Collect and store food 

Food Storage

Collect and store food 

Impact one small step to another


Food Distributed


Food Saved


District in Medan 


Part of New Food Bank Development Project in The Global FoodBanking Network

Program real action for others

Food Heroes

Thanks to your help. A lot of excess food is saved and distributed to those in need.

Food Stamps

Donations in the form of food are distributed directly to the community with the full contribution of volunteers

Food Pantry

Reprocess excess food ingredients into new food which will be distributed later.

Take Action together for the greater good


Donate Time


Donate Funds


Donate Food

Thank you

Our greatest thanks to all donors and volunteers who have contributed to this movement. Hopefully we can all always make an impact for the greater good.

Our Partners and Donors together in spreading goodness